April 21st of 2023


Nova Racing Team is pleased to announce Trafiltubi as a silver sponsor for the 2023 season.

Trafiltubi provided Nova Racing Team with the tubes needed to build this season’s chassis.

The company, founded by Gilberto Colombo , specialises in cold drawing of top quality pipes, that undergo different thermal and mechanical treatments according to the clients’ specific needs, in order to obtain with maximum precision the technical specifications required for the different applications.

The top level quality of the special steels used by Trafiltubi allows the production of pipes with varying thicknesses as well as varying outline shapes. Innovation in Trafiltubi stems from and continues its long and strong tradition of leading edge research and product development.

Trafiltubi also represents continuous innovation. Over the last few years, the innovative thrust at Trafiltubi has led to a considerable expansion in the range of special steels, and in the field of stainless steels.

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Trafiltubi also produces the 25CrMo4 and 15CDV6 tubes necessary for restorations or for the construction of new frames. It also provides a consultancy and restoration service for classic cars with original chassis signed by Gilco, a brand well known to sports car and motorcycle enthusiasts, but also to many sailors and, in general, to the most refined design enthusiasts.

We appreciate Trafiltubi for recognising the importance and value of helping student projects, and for supporting our goals for this season.