April 24st of 2023


Nova Racing Team is pleased to announce CECOMP as the main Platinum sponsor for the 2023 Formula Student season.

CECOMP Spa (Centro Esperienze COstruzione Modelli e Prototipi) is an Italian automotive company based in Turin, Italy. For over 40 years CECOMP has been giving shape to ideas developed by designers, style centres, and research & development bodies for car manufacturers all over the world.

Today, it supports all stages of the product life cycle: style definition, prototype realisation, pre-industrialisation and industrialisation, supply of parts, systems and complete vehicles for low volumes.

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CECOMP’s “mission” for over 40 years, has been to provide the major European manufacturers, for whom CECOMP is a codified supplier, with a wide range of services and products transversal to the chassis/body development process, ranging from the construction of styling models, prototypes in the various stages of development, production of show and concept cars, development and production of moulding and assembly equipment through to the series production of complete new cars in low and high volumes.

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CECOMP also collaborates with innovative brands entering the automotive market for the first time by providing turnkey projects for development, industrialisation and eventually series production.

We, at Nova Racing Team, are very grateful for all the help CECOMP has provided us with. CECOMP did not only contribute to the development of our project, but to the growth of the engineering skills and knowledge of our team members. We are eager to see what this season holds for us, and we hope that the result of this collaboration can reflect all the hard work, passion and love that went into it.